Confessions of a Nanny

Confessions of a Nanny…
By Nicole

So, I have been on the nanny carousel for almost 10 years now and I have to be honest…I truly love it!  Being a nanny comes so easily to me; It fits my personality. Not to mention it is a blast! Well at least 90% of the time if we are all being honest, right?

I do think the past year has been a tricky one.  Although there are amazing perks to being a nanny (I mean who gets paid to take kids to get ice cream, go to the movies, or a fun trip to the zoo??), there are the days when you have worked your tail off! You are just plain tired.  You have an unquenchable craving for any kind of adult conversation during the dreary winter months!  Not to mention the rush to complete all of the many tasks we do: changing diapers, switching loads of laundry, organizing the toy room 10 times a day, cleaning up spilled milk, etc. All of this before mom and dad arrive home…and it all has to be done!

Those days…those are the ones when you feel like you have the most unrecognized position on the earth.  There have been days where I think I might start applying for office jobs. I could wear cute clothes that I don’t have to think about getting food or dog poo on!  It sounds almost glamorous to have to do my hair and makeup every morning.

But I know that wouldn’t make me happy.  I literally had a dream the other night that I was offered a great position as an assistant event director at a top company, but I would have to leave my little guy.  And you know what?  I couldn’t do it!  Because I do, I love that kid.  All of the stress and frustration melt away with one “thanks Nicole” or a hysterical laugh.

So do I give up a lot to be a nanny?  Yes, I think so.  After all, my job has an expiration date.  I don’t have retirement accumulating, raises are infrequent if at all and awkward to bring up, I don’t have good insurance… but at my current job I do have some pretty sweet time off, a great mom I work for and a little boy I adore.

So I guess what I have learned is that, to be a nanny, you have to know that it is what you love! It comes with the good and the bad and you have to figure it out as you go…just like any other job!  Ask for what you need from the family and seek to cultivate a really good relationship with them through great communication! In return, hopefully they will do what they can to make your job enjoyable.  The best part of all is that you get to leave work each day, knowing that you are loving a child, teaching them to be a wonderful person who will one day pass this along to others in the world.

Welcome to Columbus Nanny Network


My name is Amanda Knapp, founder of Columbus Nanny Network. I am more than overjoyed about launching CNN. I thought it would be fitting to introduce myself and give you a little background.

I am originally from Kansas and fell into nannying out of high school. I had a friend who started working for a nanny service and loved it. Being raised in a large family with little sisters and tons of cousins it felt natural to me. There began my journey in the nanny world!

I arrived in Columbus in 2005 when my husband received a job here and I immediately realized that finding a new nanny position in Columbus was more than difficult. It was so bad that I started working at a local tanning salon until I could figure something out. I landed a position a few months later, thankfully.

A few years later I was looking for a few extra families to work for on a casual basis. Not originally being from around here, this was next to impossible. I looked at a few of the international websites, but quickly felt that safety was a concern. My husband made a passing comment, suggesting I just open my own local babysitting service. What?! – at the time it sounded silly. Well, here we are 5 years later and Sitting Made Simple is now Columbus’ premier local babysitting & nanny service and a safe choice for all things childcare!

Having met with hundreds of nannies over these past 4 years, I’ve quickly realized there is no place to go to get answers or find all things “nanny-related.” There are so many important topics when it comes to the nanny world: Pay rates, paid vacations, resumes, duties that a typical nanny does (we don’t scrub toilets!), etc. I believe we owe it to ourselves to be certain that the Columbus nanny community is portraying ourselves as professional nannies so that we can reap the same benefits as any other career group. This realization birthed the idea for CNN, and I finally feel that Columbus is ready for Columbus Nanny Network, the official place for nannies to feel fun, fabulous, but most importantly IMPORTANT!

I am excited for this new journey and welcome you to join me!